According to the locals of Gastonia, North Carolina, a cloaked figure has been dropping raw meat in children's playgrounds.

The pale figure, which we're assuming is a man from the photos, has been dressing in an all-black full-length cloak, has supposedly been dropping raw meat near playgrounds and beside apartment complexes. 

There has been much speculation from local residents regarding the intentions of the person, including theories which say the meat he is dropping is poisonous, and is intended to kill local dogs.

None of these claims have been confirmed by officials as of yet, and the police say they still aren't sure if this is just some 'bogus prank' or something more sinister.

The figure has become a joke online, with people taking to Twitter and Reddit trying to find the funny side of it, something that local resident Brooke Conrad wasn't too pleased about. ‘I see why it could be easy to make a joke out of it, but this is serious.

‘We live in a world today where you don’t know what’s going on and you don’t know people.’

Via Daily Mail