In a climate wherein the news can be heavy and in a country where the weather can tend on the side of gloomy, Greg Dutra's awestruck reaction to a special feature on the weather segment of the news is extremely enjoyable content.

The reporter Greg Dutra has gone viral on Twitter after sharing a special moment direct from the weather segment on ABC 7 Chicago. It's the kind of viral video that's a pleasure to see do the rounds on the family whatsapp groups.

In the tweet shared by Dutra, he claims "This wasn't in the training manual!" accompanied by a laughing emoji attached to the video clip wherein he discovers the touch screen feature on his weather board.

It turns out, people are happy to see the reporter have a moment mixed with surprise, thrill, and giggles. He even encourages his colleague to come over and have a go at it himself — how relatable?

The tweet has blown up with 32.2 thousand likes and ya know what? It's the perfect bit of news to brighten up your Friday afternoon.

Check out the tweet here.