Think about it, if an alien was observing our species and wanted to become our overlord, don't you think they would come to Earth in the form of a cat that the internet loves? You know it makes sense.

That's probably not quite what's happening with Matilda though, even though she does look a bit other-worldly.

Recently, her Instagram profile has taken the internet by storm as users have fallen in love with her unusual appearance, which is caused by a condition known as spontaneous lens luxation, something which her and the other cats in her litter all suffered with.

At first the nature of the illness that was causing the size of her pupils to randomly change couldn't be identified, but after several trips to the vet and a number of specialists, they managed to find out what it was. However, while surgery was an option, it appeared to have little effect in one of the other cats from her litter, so they decided to let her eyes take the natural course and not intervene with a difficult and painful procedure that would more than likely have little or no effect.

The lens in Matilda's right eye detached, meaning that she lost her vision, while the left eye followed shortly afterwards, leaving her with the unusual bulbous eyes that has made her such a sensation online.

Her "servants", as she refers to them on her website, regularly take her for checkups and visits to make sure everything is ok, and according to the vet, she is otherwise healthy and happy.

She seems to have come in peace, and is not yet communicating with either the Big Giant Head or the mothership. Her servants have decided to try and help raise funds and awareness for other animals in need through their site, which you can read about over here.