If you live in a coastal town, or indeed, have spent time in one as a visitor during the summer months, you'll be aware of what a menace seagulls are.

That's particularly the case if you're eating food, as one of the most brazen members of the bird family has no qualms about swooping down and taking your chips/ice-cream/burger straight out of your hand.

Given the size of the things, it can be a pretty frightening experience to be dive-bombed by a seagull. But what about being photobombed? Alicia Jessop had both experiences rolled into one the other day, and the resultant photo has gone viral.

Jessop was lining up a photo of the lobster roll she had just ordered in front of a picturesque lighthouse in Maine - but just as she took the photo, a dreaded gull swooped in to nab her lunch.

Timing is everything...

Of course, some would say that it serves her right for paying almost €20 for a sandwich in the first place. In any case, remember this cautionary tale the next time you're queuing for a Teddy's ice cream in Dun Laoghaire, folks.