Next time you're headed to the barber, we've got the hairstyle for you...

That's right, we call it the Kim Kardashian, but you can't get it done at just any barber, you need to go to the one and only Rob the Original. 

Rob Ferrel is a one of a kind man, based in San Antonio, Texas, and he specialises in creating some pretty amazing hair art for his customers. Speaking to BuzzFeed, he said that he'd always been an artist and became a barber as a sideline, but realised he could combine his work and his passion to make some fairly impressive to say the least. Here's Kim, in all her glory, and of course one where she's seen with her husband. 

He's also had his work admired by some of the people who's portrait he's shaved into people's hair, including Queen Latifah.

It's not all celebs either, you can get your favourite superhero, movie scene or pretty much whatever you want on the side of your head. Rob uses pencils and makeup to create the looks and said that "It's perfect because it’s not permanent. Color is a huge commitment so this allows for people to be a little more spontaneous without the long term effects, because it can be washed out whenever".

Rob charges up to $200 for his work, depending on how detailed the portrait is, and people do need to commit a few hours to it, but the results are still pretty great, if you're in to having someone's face on the side of your face. FACECEPTION!

Via BuzzFeed. Main pic via Rob The Original/Instagram