Jessie J has confessed that like Lady Gaga, she urinates in unconventional places. Gaga recently owned up to peeing in dressing room bins - while on Graham Norton to promote something or other, and now Jessie said she too favours relieving herself in places other than the toilet.

In an interview with The Daily Star, she said: “I read about Lady Gaga. But I wasn’t surprised. I wee in cups all the time. When you are a female artist and your day is filled with Press and promo, you have to master pi**ing in a cup - or a bin, apparently. I’m not so much of a diva that I have someone to hold the cup, but a few unfortunate people have had to dispose of it for me. Sometimes we just put it next to an apple juice to see if anyone drinks it.”

Nice. So to what do we owe this lovely tale? Ah, it's a promotional conduit for The Voice. Apparently the Do It Like A Dude (literally) singer said she’s looking forward to her new role as a mentor on the UK version of The Voice alongside Black Eyed Peas star (he'll be getting crying lessons off Cheryl, no doubt), singer Will Young and Welsh crooner Tom Jones. “The Voice is going to be amazing. I’m shi**ing myself but in a good way. I can’t wait to meet Tom Jones. He’s Tom Jones, after all. I’ve never met Will Young before, either, so that will be cool. I’m a big fan of them all, which is a good job because it would be horrible if I didn’t like any of them. I’ve met briefly and can’t wait to get started. I’m really happy that I’m the only girl on the panel."

As it happens, Jessie, I met Will Young during my time propping up the reception desk in Windmill Lane. He had a lovely habit of mooning my intercom camera. He also swung out of the desk for the chats rather than hang around with the uber kewl sound engineers, and insisted on helping me flag down a taxi in the rain... Why do I always fall for he gay ones.