Just to put that in monetary terms, the entire haul would have an over-the-counter value of something in the region of $280,000 or €234,000.

The heist took place earlier this week in downtown Los Angeles, when a group of men broke into a distillery that makes Fog Shots Vodka - not Goldslick vodka, as stolen in Superbad - in downtown Los Angeles and made off with 1,800 gallons. According to the distillery's owner, Art Gukaysan, the thieves used a power saw to get in and took almost the entire inventory during the robbery.

A week before the robbery took place, on-site cameras detected someone climbing over the barbed wire across the top of the building and is believed to be involved in the robbery. Police in the area believe that the thieves either stole the alcohol with the intention of shipping it overseas or selling it directly to underage children, as the vodka bottles were labelled and barcoded for sale.

Here's the local news report.



Via Yahoo! / KTLA