After being diagnosed with osteosarcoma (a cancerous bone tumor), Duke's owners decided that it would be best to put him out of his misery, having battled hard and exhausted every other option. 

With a deteriorating quality of life, Duke had already had one leg removed in an effort to save him, but the disease had become too much, and the tough decision was taken to put him down. 

However, before he went, they gave him the best send off that any dog could hope for, with a feast of cheeseburgers (above in the main image), a trip to the water park and a day spent in the green fields, surrounded by family and friends as he went. The images are truly heartbreaking, so we can pretty much guarantee you that you're going to cry as you scroll through them.

We're not crying, it's just been raining on our face and we were cutting onions... More info on Duke and the photographer Robin Arouty can be found on her Facebook page.

All pics via Robin Arouty.