Recent statistics from the World Health Organisation have shown which countries drink the most, and we might not be as bad as you think. 

An article published in the journal Lancet discussing the rise in alcohol consumption in China brought to light some figures from the WHO that show which countries drink the most, and which drink the least. 

The article commented on the growth of the middle class in China and how that had increased their alcohol consumption from around 2.8 litres per person back in 1978 to a rather large 15.1 litres per person now, which was also having a knock-on effect on health services there. There were also some handy charts that showed where the most drinking is done around the world, and it seems that Ireland is pretty much in the middle, with around 11.9 litres consumed per person. However, the divide between men and women is quite large here in Ireland, with men drinking 16.8 litres, and women drinking 7.1. 

Pics via i100/World Health Organisation

We sit far behind the countries where the biggest drinkers (excluding those who don't drink at all) in the world Chad and the United Arab Emirates, who consume an average of 33.9 and 32.8 litres respectively.  

Via i100