There's a new charity calendar out that's set to get pulses racing...but at least they should be able to help with that particular condition too.

A new charity calendar featuring male Irish doctors out of their scrubs is set to hit shelves soon for 2015, and it's guaranteed to cause a bit of a stir, but looks to be just what the doctor ordered. Scratch that, actually, it's what the doctors have made, but you'd have to order it online. Bit of a mix up there.

The pictures, snapped by Frances Marshall, feature the doctors without a t-shirt or jumper in sight (they'll catch their death), and a percentage of the proceeds are set to go to Epilepsy Ireland. 

Ciara Ryan is the mind behind this project, and she was also responsible for the Irish Farmers calendar, and is hoping that this can reach a similar level of success, raising plenty of money along the way. 

This is the final line where we would normally insert a doctor-based pun, so to save us from trotting out tired old cliches, we'll leave you a selection of words and you send us your best efforts on Twitter: prescription, intensive care, rare and highly contagious tropical disease, bedside manner. 

Via The Irish Examiner. Main pic via Irish Central/Frances Marshall