In their defense, the logic is sound. Who doesn't love a nicely planned, clean Scandinavian surrounding?

The world of internet dating is getting more and more full with apps and websites and everything in between, so it's understandable as to why these guys would want to come up with some creative imagery to make them stand out from the crowd. But going to IKEA to do so? That's a stroke of genius.

One guy by the name of keventure shared these photos he snapped of his friends on their quest for the ultimate Tinder profile photo on Imgur and have since gone viral for all the right reasons.

Who wouldn't be impressed by an artist at work, or a cook in his pristine kitchen?

Or this existential soul, who keeps crockery so clean you'd swear it was brand new.

A man with his own business is clearly a catch.

And best of all, they clearly have a decent sense of humour. Win/win?

Via Imgur