Look, if you haven't done your Christmas shopping this year yet, then you're probably already totally fecked, but in case you wanted to try and get something on this list, these are the most popular gifts of the yuletide season.

We're not saying that you should abandon all hope, as most toy shops are well prepared for this time of year, but there are a few gifts that are proving to be the most popular and that the kids want to see under every tree this year. They are as follows:

10 Monster High Dolls

9 Snow Glow Elsa

8 One Direction merchandise

7 Peppa Pig merchandise

6 Tablet

5 Barbie and accessories

4 Scooter

3 Bike


1 Frozen merchandise

Glad to see that LEGO still makes the cut after all these years, and if we're honest it's on our list too. Come on, who doesn't want the Millennium Falcon...

If you understood one other word on that list apart from 'Barbie', then congratulations, you're officially more 'down with the kids', as they say, than we are. 

Via i100. Main pic via Disney