The latest figures from  the CSO have revealed the most popular baby names for the last year.

Once again, Jack and Emily have topped the polls for boys and girls respectively, which sees them hold on to their crowns for a few years running now; Jack has been top since 2007, while Emily has been at number one since 2011. As a comparison, the CSO also shared the top five names from 1964, and there's been wholesale change, more or less.

The top 10 for boys' names also included Adam, Luke, Noah, Harry and Charlie, while the girls' top 10 was rounded out by Ella, Amelia, Mia, Lucy and Aoife. 

There were a few first time entires across both name charts, with four debuts in the top 100 for Henry, Hugo, Ollie and Luca. The highest new entry at number 87 was Ollie, rising from 113th place in 2013, while for girls there were two first time entrants to the top 100: Annie and Isla. The chart below shows a few of the newer names, and the change in their ranking since last year. 

As in previous years, the tables show that girls are given a wider variety of names than boys with 4,586 girls’ names registered compared to 3,486 boys’ names. Despite the greater number of male births, a smaller range of names were used for boys than for girls.

For the first time, the CSO also looked at the most popular surnames for babies, and of the 67,462 live births registered in 2014, there were 22,090 unique surnames. All together, the top 10 list below accounts for about 5,000 of the births.

Via CSO. Main pic via Cambridge Brewing Co./Flickr