Yeah...em..just not feeling great, you know? It, ah..might be the flu, I think...

We've all had that conversation with our boss at some point(not since we've been working here, of course), and it just never feels right. You don't need a week off, just a day or two, and you're not a strong enough actor to pull off the inevitable three days of recovery in the office. 

So what do you do? Pick a much less severe ailment, and hope that your boss deems it an acceptable excuse to skive off? But that's brings with it the possibility of you still having to make it in to work.

Thankfully this conundrum has been solved by AXA PPP Healthcare, as they've surveyed 1,000 business owners, managing directors, and chief executives in the UK to uncover their feelings about employees taking sick leave.

Here's the breakdown of what they thought were fair reasons to miss work, thus giving us the breakdown of what the best excuses to phone in with are. Sound.

Via Telegraph