Are you a "motivated" self-starter who's "creative" and "ambitious"? Or do you not have a clue what any of that nonsense actually means? 

There are around 1.2 million people in Ireland on the social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn, and according to their stats, January 21st is the busiest day of the first part of the year for people looking around for jobs, which is why they've put a list together today of all the most overused buzzwords that you should leave off your CV. 

In sorting through their database of users, they've come up with most cliched phrases that people include in an effort to stand out from the crowd, but actually end up having the opposite effect. There are plenty of them, and the likelihood that one of them appears on your own profile is probably pretty high, as they're hard to avoid.

Words like "motivated" and "responsible" are definitely going to be difficult to leave off your CV, but maybe whip out a thesaurus instead of saying that you're "generally apathetic" and "completely careless". 

The full list of the 10 most overused LinkedIn CV profile buzzwords is:

1. motivated

2. enthusiastic

3. passionate

4. driven

5. track record

6. creative

7. extensive experience

8. responsible

9. communication skills

10. ambitious

Via Main pic via Flazingo Photos/Flickr