For the uninitiated. Airbnb is a service where people can rent out rooms (or their whole homes) to guests on a short term basis. 

The homeowners get to make some extra cash from their extra space and tourists get to get quality accommodation cheaper than your average hotel. Win win, right?

Well not exactly because as the following horror stories will tell, you never really know who you're letting stay in your home. 

Like a host from Oakland, California, who thought she was renting her home to an older man from Chicago. The "older man" turned out to be an 18 year old who threw a NYE House Party for his friends. 200+ people showed up and tore the place apart. 



London homeowner, Christina McQuillan had an even more difficult experience when a drug fueled rave broke out in her Putney flat. She told the Evening Standard that revellers refused to stop partying and one of them even punched her in the stomach.

"It was horrific. Me and my partner got to the property and there were hundreds of people on the streets. You could smell cannabis a mile off.

We entered the property and we told her to shut it down immediately. This girl just laughed and said ‘no, I’m holding a party.”"


But perhaps the worst of all happened to Justine A Smith from Montreal, Canada who had some guests stay on her wedding day. She and her husband got married on New Year's Eve and awoke at 5am the next day to the sound of a good old fashioned orgy happening in their home. 

Smith took to twitter to vent her frustration and seek out carpet purging tips. 

In all of these cases Airbnb came to the rescue and refunded all parties for the damages caused so try not to let that deter you in the future as it really is a great service. Maybe just be super selective about who you let stay over going forward.