A number of ads criticisng the police have been put up around London, and they're causing quite a stir.

The ads have appeared in a number of locations across the city, including one directly outside Scotland Yard, and they obviously, haven't proved very popular with the police themselves. The ads label the police as racist and that they "pointlessly targeted" cannabis users instead of dealing with other crime, and as yet no group has claimed responsibility for them.

A magazine called Strike! has been talking about them on their Twitter, but they denied in a statement to i100 that they were the ones behind the ads going up. 

Clear Channel, the advertising company who own the advertising spaces said that they were aware that a few of them had been hijacked and that their "Operations team are attending the sites throughout the night and are re-posting the advertising, in line with our standard practice". The police have not yet released a statement on the matter. 

Via i100. Main pic via Strike!/Twitter