She only went and told the News of The World that "she was in love with Bannerman and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him." I just hope she's watching the 'I'm a Celebrity. Coming Out Special' tonight (9pm, TV3/UTV). She will be treated to footage of her love interest saying to camera "There wasn't any relationship between us in any kind of way, anyway I can see why Sarah went home." Eh, why then make a bloody song and dance about sending publicly read letter to Cerys which contained the line; "There are many problems in London and I've had to go back to try and sort them out - but I may well return to greet you when you come out, if that is your wish. Marc." That was her wish and he didn't bother turning up. Spannerman obviously gets off on being the source of public humiliation. His stint on EastEnders is yet another example in that regard. In response to Marc's no-show, the blind Welsh bat said; "I was disappointed because I'd had that letter saying he might come back. I wouldn't be honest if I said otherwise. I loved being with him - it was a pleasure to get to know such a lovely human being." Cerys, a "lovely human being" does not make empty promises nor cavort with strangers (on TV or otherwise) when they have a live-in partner.