If you're male, look like a male model and you read books on public transport, congratulations - you're more than likely going to star in the new, hot Instagram account everyone's talking about.

Hot Men Reading is just that - very attractive men reading books on the subway, the bus, the Tube and whatever other areas where men read books.

Here's a few snaps from the account. As yet, we haven't spotted any Irish locales but that could all change very shortly.


Reading Lena Dunham, with a beard and wearing a hat indoors. HIPSTER SCUM.


We're guessing English isn't his first lanauge. Nobody looks that concentrated at a book, unless it's one of those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books. Man, they were brilliant. Do they still make them?


The guy beside him is thinking he should brought a book with him and worked out more.

Already, Hot Dudes Reading has racked up over 117,000 followers on Instagram and will probably sail past that in the next few days.

You can follow it here and if you happen to see an Irish locale on it, let us know.