Having trouble sleeping? Anyone? Anyone?

Well we may just the thing to send you right off to dreamland. Remember Bill Stein's incomprehensibly boring economics teacher in Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

Well a new meditation app called Calm is employing his dulcet tones in their new bedtime stories for adults series. "Sleep Stories" will use "a soothing voice talk to you in a rhythmic, melodic fashion" that should help you to get comfortable enough to dose right off. 

The first book that will be available on the app will be the first chapter of Adam Smith's 1776 economics book "The Wealth of Nations" and it will be read than none other than everybody's favourite economics teacher, Bill Stein. 

Calm was originally launched as a meditation app but its developers found that many of its users used it to deal with sleeping problems.

Via Mashable