Celebrity in general is a pretty nebulous thing and, more recently, it's brought about thanks to handlers and talent agents than any kind of discernible talent.

That said, there are some people who become famous merely by their proximity to other famous people - and so it goes that there's now a talent agency specifically set up to manage the public appearances and affairs of celebrities' dogs.

Yes, really.

Pedigree Money so far represents the dogs of Pixie Geldof, Nick Grimshaw, Caroline Flack, and Rick Edwards. What's perhaps even more interesting is that each of the profiles for said dogs gives a listing of some of their special skills and talents.

For example, Pixie Geldof's dog, named Busta Sniff Geldof-Barnett, is described as having a "goth edge", and can "sit and lie down on command, mimicking the regal pose of a lion." What's more, Busta Sniff's favourite "thinking place" is a local graveyard.

Meanwhile, Caroline Flack's cat, Waffle, has reportedly garnered a social media presence of his own and - according to the website - garnered an average of 16,000 likes per Instagram appearance. He's even spawned some copycat (heh) accounts in the process, as well.

You can view all the profiles - they really are special - here.