As Ireland doesn't exactly suffer from tropical weather or, indeed, any kind of sweaty weather, this may not necessarily apply to us.

Still, it's good to know that it's out there. And hey, if this whole climate change thing starts to affect Ireland and, y'know, raise the temperature so we get an ACTUAL summer, this could very well come in handy. Stop sniggering.

Fresh Balls is a cream that, well, gives you a more mirthful and fresh groin area. You apply the stuff to your, well, your balls and it dries as a sort of powder.

The idea is that your balls, which will sweat via extraneous work or high temperatures, will now feel so fresh and so clean clean with one dab of this stuff.

They also offer a cream for women's boobs, which we assume works in the same way as the men's cream does.

We haven't tried Fresh Balls yet because, well, it sounds kinda ick and we can't think of a situation when we'd really, REALLY need this stuff.

Here's their little promo video...


And here's the SNL sketch where Alec Baldwin keeps talking about Schweddy Balls..