Here are some words from ray of light, Cheryl Cole that will make you feel warm and fuzzy of a Monday morn: "Heroin was there for the taking. I could have easily taken that route if I'd wanted to. But I always maintained my ambition and I'm proud of myself. I wouldn't be sitting here with an amazing husband and an amazing house... Pete Doherty is not a poet. He writes s**t. He is a waste of fresh air. Why is he such a genius? Because he went out with Kate Moss? And he gets let off from jail. Kids think, 'Oh, he doesn't even get locked up.' More deserving people are on the waiting list for methadone every single day. It's not f***ing funny. Heroin is the latest trend. Teenagers think celebrities are having a wild time, living this amazing life... I don't have any sympathy for the addicts. That might sound harsh but I really don't give a f**k how they feel. If they're in pain because of drugs, it's self-inflicted. You know what you're doing when you take it." Congratulations Cheryl, you've just been added to the list of celebrities I'd lock myself in a lift with.