Bray already has a lot of great things about it like the beach, quality Italian gelaterias and the Waltzers (which will always be cool no matter what age we are), but they're about to add one more brilliant attraction...  

That's right, the one thing that Bray has always been missing is a giant water slide on Bray Head, but that's all about to change with the slip n' slide they're planning on introducing for the Summerfest this year.

For two days this month (the 12/13th of July) you too can hop on a li-lo and go flying down the biggest slide of its kind in Ireland, reaching speeds of up to 25 km/h, which should see you down at the bottom of the hill in no time. Here's an artists rendition of what that might look like: 



Registration has been incredibly popular already as people flock to get their chance to slide their way down the hill, and with only 700 slots available, you'd want to get in there quick if you hope to get involved too. You can head along to the Bray Summerfest website for more information on the slide and other events, or check out the Twitter page for the Bray Summerfest for all the latest goings on.

Via The Journal. Main pic via Wikipedia