Hey, remember that time when you had a few tipples and thought it'd be a great idea to jump into that bouncy castle?

How did it end? Not well? Sprain an ankle? Don't worry, you're not alone.

VHI released some stats for last summer in Ireland which attributed over 200 cases treated in their SwiftCare clinics to "bounce-related" injuries.

So far, it's seen at least twenty people this month who've succumbed to their inner child and attempted to use a trampoline or bouncy castle.

Of the statistics, women were more likely to injure themselves than men whilst the age groups were more common in the 11-21 year old age bracket.

At least one or two cases treated were over 50, with the oldest injury reported by a 53-year old.

As you'd expect, the advice is to always have a responsible adult present and never consume alcohol before using a bouncy castle.

But what if the responsible adult is IN the bouncy castle? AND they've consumed alcohol? WHAT THEN?


Via TheJournal.ie