Yes, this isn't Waterford Whispers. We get that a lot.

There's an ostrich currently on the loose somewhere on the border between Leitrim and Cavan, with the flightless bird evading capture for over two weeks now.

Big Bird, as the ostrich is known to his owner, escaped his enclosure and has been spotted as recently as Wednesday near Manorhamilton in Northern Leitrim.

The owner, Stephanie Palmer, has taken to Facebook in an attempt to locate her pet and bring them home safely.

Ostriches are, by and large, surprisingly fast and can hit speeds of up to 30MPH if they get out into the open.

People are warned not to engage the animal, but instead contact Gardai and wait for further instructions.

Do not - we repeat - do not engage in a Jurassic Park-type situation and chase the thing with a group of hunters who end up getting killed in increasingly gruesome ways.

You're not Chris Pratt or Bryce Dallas Howard and there's no way you're equipped to take on an ostrich.


Via Facebook