The internet has some seriously disturbing stuff on it, and this particular beauty contest takes the cake in that regard. 

VKontakte, Russia’s Facebook equivalent, is home to a page that's running a beauty contest known as Miss Ostland (that being the region the Nazis occupied in Eastern Europe) which is looking for the perfect anti-semite to be their queen, or something.

Anyway, the main rules for entry are to do with being a woman, being a neo-Nazi and being part of the Adolf Hitler VKontakte group. Obviously, your picture has to be a sexy snap, and entrants are encouraged not to insult the other contestants, because being nasty on social media is not what the neo-Nazi movement is all about. You also have to explain in a comment underneath your picture why you "love and revere the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler".

As a result of all the attention that the contest has been getting, the page did end up getting shut down, however they already had about 14 entrants, according to i100.

Pic via i100

The winner would have been awarded a piece of jewellery with the symbols of the Third Reich on it, but it appears that the contest has been abandoned, unless it manages to surface on another social media site.  

Via i100, CadenaSer and Vocativ. Main pic via Vocativ