Whether it’s Mufasa in The Lion King, Bambi’s mother or more recently Anna and Elsa’s parents in Frozen, we’ve probably all found ourselves blubbering watching a kid’s movie at some point.

And while those scenes are heart-breaking to watch at the time, apparently children do benefit from them according to new research- they learn about the end of life. And according to one American academic, the movies provide a good opportunity for parents to discuss death with their children.

“These films can be used as conversation starters for difficult and what are oftentimes taboo topics like death and dying. These are important conversations to have with children, but waiting until the end of life is way too late and can lead to a poor end-of-life experience," said Professor Kelly Tenzek from the University of Buffalo.

Writing in OMEGA- Journal of Death and Dying (which sounds like a barrel of laughs) Professor Tenzek states that-

"We acknowledge a child's psychological development is important when considering these discussions. It's not our intent to have these conversations with a three-year-old, but as children mature, then the films fit naturally into that growth."

"We believe Disney and Pixar films are popular and accessible for children and adults so a difficult conversation can begin in a less threatening way earlier in life."

In the 57 kid’s movies studied by Professor Tenzek, 71 deaths occurred. She found that characters in childrens movies were twice as likely to die than in adult movies.

Anyway, apologies for bringing the tone down. As you were.

Via: Digital Spy