Nevermind going out to talk and interact with people, now Tinder is even too much effort for some people.

Yes, there is actually a Tinder robot, aptly named Tinderbot, that can analyse the face of a prospective match and determine whether it should swipe left or right.

Using code that the creator has entered, the robot can decide if the person is a match for you, based on the data (age, ethnicity, glasses or not, smiling faces etc.) you have entered.

The robot can only use these parameters when choosing its decision, and can't develop and learn what the user actually likes as operates, it's simply stuck with the original data you've put in.

Even though this seems like it's more of a project than something made for commercial development, it's still fair to point out that if you need a computer to help you interact with people, you're probably not going to have much success when you finally meet them.

Via Mashable