Step aside, Tinder, there's a new dating app in town.

So if we know anything, it's that the youth of this generation love two things. Yes, Tinder and Netflix. 

OK, maybe there are a few more things they like, we just can't think of them right now, nor, if we're being completely honest, do we actually care. But they definitely have a penchant for judging others based on their looks, and deciding their online dating fate with the swipe of a screen in some sort of modern Commodus/Colosseum-esque turn of a thumb.

Oh, they also like streaming endless hours of TV and films, and now the two have been combined thanks to the new dating app, Netflix and Chill.

If that's not self-explanatory enough for you, allow us to break it down. This app allows you to send a message to anyone nearby, and ask them do they want to come to yours and watch some Netflix and hang out, hence the chill. 

So unlike Tinder, and more like a poke on Facebook(remember those, they still exist), you don't have to match with the person before starting the conversation. That sounds like both the best and worst thing in the world, depending on how interested you are in the creepy stranger messaging you from nearby.

Via Unilad