Designer Nikolay Lamm has come up with a new doll that he hopes will be able to take on the might of Barbie.

The new doll is designed to more accurately reflect the average 19-year-old woman’s body, which means that she has a realistic waistline, doesn't have high heels, and you can even buy extra sticker packs to give her acne, scars or stretch marks.

The doll has been getting plenty of attention, but started making headlines this week after Barbie’s latest attempt to show that the doll wasn't sexist (computer engineer Barbie) ended up being a little bit sexist.

Lamm told Time that it started out as an art project but ended up proving to be popular and has become available to buy after there were expressions of interest from parents and children alike who wanted to get it.

The idea behind it is to help women understand the reality of their body and that it too is beautiful, no matter what shape it is: “a lot of toys make kids go into fantasy, but why don’t they show real life is cool? It’s not perfect, but it’s really all we have. And that’s awesome.”

He also* said that, even if they get through to just one little girl, it'll all be worth it. Particularly if that little girl happens to pay $50,000 for that doll. Nothing, kudos to you Lisa Nikolay, kudos.

*He didn't say that at all, it was a clever joke from us that references The Simpsons. 

Via Design Taxi/Time