It doesn't matter what age you are - when it snows, the urge to get out there and have a snowball fight never leaves you.

Thankfully, we're not alone with such thoughts and over 12,000 people (at time of writing) have declared their interest in a Facebook event planning a 'massive snowball fight' in Dublin today.

The event urges people to meet on O'Connell Bridge today at 3pm for  "a vicious snowball fight to the death!" and "your chance to crack some 90 mile per hour curve balls off of Southsiders foreheads!!"

The event description continues: "Please note that this is an unofficial event however there may be rogue snowballers loitering the streets and we may put snowball snipers in place on the day to absolutely lash any southsider out of it that tries to cross O’Connell Bridge so cross at your own have been warned!"

Although another 6cm (2 inches) of snow have been forecast for Dublin today, the likelihood of this actually happening is slim, granted - but just in case, we're declaring for #TeamNorthside.