As anyone who's ever tried to rent an apartment or house in Dublin or the surrounding areas, it's like an actual horror film.

After all, most landlords are inhuman bloodsuckers and the apartments are usually so dingy and awful that they may as well be in a horror film. This listing on Daft is basically par for the course, in other words.

Let's take a look. The Dublin 2 apartment, which is can be found on Skeleton Quay, is up for €666 a month and features such cozy features like a "communal hall with banquet area, perfect for entertaining ghouls" and is "(near) the #13 bus route and ghost train for convenience and mobility."

Hah. Good one.

The listing, as you'd imagine, is a joke - but a Dublin 2 apartment for under €700 is no joke. That's a bargain is what it is.

Of course, we all know the real horror that is Dublin's rental market. Increasing rental prices on shitty accommodation. Landlords who will literally do anything in their power to suck money from renters. Decrepit apartments and houses.

Yeah, try rent an apartment in Dublin 2 for under €700. That's really scary.


Via Daft