If you happen to be headed to the Iranian capital and are craving a burger, then why not check out Bobby Sands Burger?

While it might seem like a strange crossover, the restaurant is named in honour of him, rather than being a strange commercial venture by the famous hunger striker. In fact, the store is also located on 'Babbisandz' (Bobby Sands) street in the nation's capital, a measure of just how well known he was and still is in Iran. 

Pic via WanderMom.com

As Norma Costello reports for Vice, not many people know much about Ireland, but if you mention "Bobby Sands" (or Babbisandz) then you'll get a hugely positive reaction, as "in Iran they take martyrdom very seriously", so the burger joint, which has his face as its logo, doesn't seem so bizarre, in context anyway. 

Babbisandz street, where the restaurant is located, was once known as Winston Churchill Boulevard and was home to the British Embassy, before they changed the name and the embassy decided they'd rather be located around the corner. 

Pic via Vice

It opened in 1982, the year after Sands' death, and has a huge number of burger options to choose form, all of which are served with walnuts, apparently. Speaking to Costello, Mohammed (who owns Bobby Sands Burgers) said that "Bobby Sands was a great man and I wanted to honour his memory. In Iran we think highly of the sacrifice Bobby Sands made for his people. Our goal is to honour him and show respect for his courage". 

You can read plenty more about the restaurant, its owner and the menu (as well as the fact that it's painted orange) over on Vice's full report about it. 

Via Vice