While all you dirty stop-outs are waiting for the 50 Shades of Grey film to come (snigger) to the big screen, there's a musical version of the book currently on Broadway that's selling out on a nightly basis. 50 Shades! The Musical is currently doing massive business and will possibly be going on tour.

The musical follows a book club who are sucked into the world of 50 Shades of Grey and all the crapness of the book itself.  It takes in everything from THAT room to the whole contract-signing thing that's actually very weird and kind of sexist. Meanwhile, there's been no word of a trailer or anything else for that matter on the film. However, the film is still on course for release on February 14th of next year and will star The Fall's Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey.

Here's a little taste of the musical itself. We preferred the Planet of the Apes musical, to be honest.