For most 12 year olds, a summer job might involve mowing lawns or baby-sitting younger siblings. But Weston Imer has spent his summer running the Trump campaign field office in Jefferson County, Colorado - a county that's part of the Denver metro area.

While on paper, his mother is in charge, Weston has been taking on the work load of signing up and signing up other campaign volunteers. In an interview with KMOV, he told reporters he wants to inspire other kinds to get involved. Unfortunately for Weston, his participation in the election will soon be drawing to a close, as he has to return to school

It might seem a little unconventional a have a child running such an important office, but of course Trump is a rather unconventional candidate. According to Vanity Fair, when considering his run for President back in 2011, Trump met with the president of US network NBC to investigate the possibility of hosting The Apprentice from inside the White House should he be elected.
He eventually resigned from the show in 2015.