It took us a while to put our finger on it... No, really it did. Then, it was like being hit over the head with a massive boob; everyone who should've been wearing a bra wasn't. And those who were good enough to wear bras had to proudly shout it from the rooftops.

There's not a lot of analysis or conjecture required for this article. There are basically four categories: very proud bra wearers, those who embraced their pendulous side, someone who decided to keep it real, and lastly someone who managed to crawl inside CP30's head.

1) Those who wore bras...

Here's Faith Hill, who loos like she's wearing a fake torso, such is the differing skin hue...

One Laura Govan... who's resembling a really uncomfortable Kardashian.

And Zendaya, who everyone is talking about today given she's just dropped out of portraying Aaliyah in the deceased singer's biopic.

2) Those who didn't wear bras, but possibly should have.

Hellew to you, Ashanti, Adrienne Bailon, and Tatyana Ali off Fresh Prince of Bel Air. My, how the latter has grown.

Surprisingly Paris Hilton is one of the few who managed to pull off the 'barely there bodice' look. We're guessing that's because Mother Nature was marginally more measured when doling out the breasticles when it came to her.

3) The one person who pushed the boundaries.

Brand new mum Kerry Washington broke all kinds of moulds by opting to sport a very cute floral number.

4) The person who crawled inside C3PO's head.

Keke Palmer went all out by discarding both her bra and pants. Her reaction is obviously to an invite to sit down.

In short, everyone needs to be a bit more like Kerry Washington. Just a little bit.