There has been an epic Twitter exchange between a number of celebs over the past couple of days. Because it occurred over Twitter, Ryan Reynolds was obviously involved.

In case you missed it earlier this week, People named the country superstar and judge on The Voice Blake Shelton the sexiest man alive. In case you don’t know who he is, here’s the cover of People making the announcement:


Honestly, we didn’t see it, and it would seem we weren’t the only ones:






In any case, what has emerged out of it is a glorious exchange between some of our favourite celeb Tweeters (who also all happen to be superheroes) - Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and Patrick Stewart.

It started with Jackman, who was given the honor of World’s Sexiest Man back in 2008, congratulating Belton and poking a little fun at another former winner of the title…


… which led to Reynolds making his own call for who should have won the award, which other Tweeters adored…





… This inspired a class response from Sir Patrick Stewart himself.


These guys keep us young.