Planning on travelling to the North of England anytime soon? Well, if you're heading out with pals and looking to swipe right on some folks, then you may need to be extra careful.

There is a gonorrhoea outbreak, and not just ANY gonorrhoea outbreak, but a strain that is apparently immune to the antibiotic azithromycin, which is normally used alongside another drug, ceftriaxone to treat it. There are 12 confirmed cases so far in Leeds and 4 more around the same area. Eh, of England.

Peter Greenhouse (we swear that's his real name), a consultant in sexual health told the BBC

"This azithromycin highly-resistant outbreak is the first one that has triggered a national alert' Jaysus."

He added, "It doesn’t sound like an awful lot of people, but the implication is there’s a lot more of this strain out there and we need to stamp it out as quickly as possible."

"If this becomes the predominant strain in the UK we’re in big trouble, so we have to be really meticulous in making sure each of these individuals has all their contacts traced and treated."

The scary thing is for all those confirmed cases, there are people walking around, most likely sexually active, who are undiagnosed.

As Twink would say ZIP UP YER MICKEY.