We've always said there aren't nearly enough bridges to help us cross the Liffey...

Dublin will be home to three new bridges that cross the Liffey as a redesign of the docklands is on the way that hopes to turn the area in to a business hub. Two of the bridges will be for pedestrians, and it is believed that the council is going to start looking for designers for the new bridges soon. 

Work on the bridges is not expected to start until 2016, and all three bridges are due to be completed within four years, costing in the region of €10-12 million each. You don't need to worry about a fancy new Bridge Tax, however, as the cost of the footbridges will be factored in to a levy that will be paid by those who secure contracts for redevelopment in the area. However, the road bridge will be paid for by the National Transport Authority, that gets its money from the taxpayer.

Nama, who own most of the properties in the area proposed for redevelopment and plans to invest nearly €2 billion in the area, and plan to designate it as a special development zone.

So what do you think, do we need more bridges, do we already have enough, or would you rather just swim across the Liffey?

Via Independent.ie. Main pic via Stefano Mortellaro/Flickr