We missed her actual birthday, so our apologies to Leandra Becerra Lumbreras for that, but better late than never, right?

The oldest woman in the world is Mexican, and yesterday she celebrated her 127th birthday. Yeah, that's right, 127, and she claims that her secret to long life is...sleep. 

According to her documentation, she was born in Tula Tamaulipas on August 31st 1887, which would make her the oldest living person ever documented, and that "sleeping for days on end" as well as eating chocolate and never getting married are the reasons that she has lived for so long. 

Her family also described her to Mexican paper El Horizonte as 'a fighter', and they mean that quite literally. She claims to have been a part of an all female band of soldiers in the Mexican revolution, and has had a pretty interesting life by all accounts.


However, living that long is not all good news, as she has also seen her fair share of loved ones pass away, including five children and several of her 20 grandchildren. One of those grandchildren who passed away just last year was 90 years old, so it's a pretty amazing story. 

She also claims that keeping active makes sure that she stays healthy, and she only gave up knitting and sewing about two years ago. If you want to see an interview with her (in Spanish) then you can get  a look at it on YouTube, but we're off to eat a load of chocolate in bed. 

Via Gawker. Pics via Youtube