The World’s most expensive Easter bunny is now on sale, and if you have a spare €34,000, you can bid for it.

The 548,000-calorie bunny, which has two 1.7 carat diamond eyes, has been sculpted from Tanzanian chocolate by award winning pastry chef, Martin Chiffers.

We’re not what you’d call chocolate aficionados, but we do know that as soon as you start mentioning chocolate that’s not Cadbury’s, it’s probably out of our price range.

On sale at, the 38cm tall bunny comes with golden Easter eggs at its feet, which are made of….you guessed it, gold.

Of course if you can’t quite stretch to €34k for the 5kg rabbit, you can always ask for smaller diamonds in its eyes. And as long as you don’t let the temperature rise over 16 degrees, it’ll stay good for two years.

See, it’s not as stupid as you thought not, huh?

No, it is, it really is.


Via Irish Times