If you're into your planespotting, you're in for a treat this month.

Emirates have confirmed to media that the Airbus A380 - officially, the world's largest passenger aircraft - will stop off at Dublin Airport while on its way to Dubai. The A380 is a double-decker aircraft and costs a cool $436.9 million to buy one. Emirates is now the world's largest operator of A380s, totalling 93 in service at the moment.

It's pretty luxurious on the inside as well, as the aircraft comes with a cocktail lounge, shower spas (no idea what that is, but OK) and lie-flat beds. As well as this, the curtains between different cabins are said to be sound-proofed.

The A380's landing in Dublin has been teased for some time, with an Emirates executive - country manager Enda Corneille - tweeting out images of the A380 with dates for the past few days. This will be the first time the A380 has touched down in Dublin Airport, but the aircraft previously landed in Shannon in 2013.

According to Corneille, the A380 will land in Dublin on March 26th at 2.10PM, but hasn't yet specified if it'll be in Terminal 1 or 2.


Via Twitter