In case you missed it, there was a pretty special marriage proposal at the Bray Air Display over the weekend.

Seeing as it was at an air display there's no points for guessing how it was done. Yeah, a fly-by air proposal was calling out to happen, and that's exactly what we got.

While the main event included exhibitions from the British Royal Air Force, the US Air Force, and Swedish and Norwegian jets, the biggest surprise came earlier in the day when Arklow woman Ciara Kavanagh received a marriage proposal from up above, as her boyfriend Noel Canavan organised a plane to fly overhead with this message.

Seems like Noel really wanted to make sure she knew it was from him, seeing as he felt the need to include his name at end. Then again, with 90,000 people in attendance, it's probably better to be safe and not leave a string of Ciaras disappointed. Thankfully she got the message, and was suitably impressed. 

“They distracted me to look elsewhere, then eventually they were like ‘Oh look, read that’ and I looked up, and as I saw the banner go by he dropped to one knee and the tears just came on then.

“There was absolutely not a better way of doing it”.

So she said yes, thankfully, and saved him from one of the most public rejections we could imagine, so obviously whatever the cost of adding his name to message was worth it. Best of luck to the newly-engaged couple, and we look forward to seeing what surprises Noel has in line for the wedding day. We vote for arriving via helicopter, you know, something basic enough.

Via Irish Times