Marcelo Bielsa is one of the best coaches in the game, but he's also a very demanding character, as Marseille found out yesterday. 

He asks for no less than 100% from his team, his players and he even from time to time demands the same from those who pay his wages, namely the higher ups and the board of directors. 

In a press conference yesterday, he decided that the president of the club he currently manages, Marseille, was the man who had annoyed him, and he was going to tell the press exactly how he felt. He said Vincent Labrune hadn't consulted him during the transfer window, bringing in players that he didn't want, not getting anyone he actually wanted, as well as criticising the club's overall structure, claiming that they were totally unable to judge players outside of French football, because they simply didn't have the capability to do so in their scouting network. 

This went on for a bit of a while, as you can imagine, and while the media were busy snapping away and furiously taking notes, Thierry Garro of La Provence caught the perfectly-timed shot that shows the moment that the press officer realises what's happened, that it's a complete disaster, and resorts to the classic facepalm.  

It will be interesting to see how this develops from here for the man who once punched a builder at the site of Athletic Bilbao's training ground because they were behind schedule, but something tells us he really doesn't care all that much.