Marriage is 'on the cards' for Tom Parker.

The Wanted singer's girlfriend of three years, Kelsey Hardwick, says the pair are planning to get hitched in the future, but she won't let him go down on one knee until he agrees to wear a wedding ring.

She said: 'Marriage is definitely on the cards, but I don't know when. Tom told me he can't wear a wedding ring because he hates anything around his fingers or neck, so I told him I won't marry him until he agrees to wear a ring.'

When they eventually say 'I do', the couple plan to have a low-key ceremony, followed by a wild bash in keeping with the band's party-mad lifestyle. Kelsey joked: 'I think we'd like to keep [the wedding] low-key, but any party with The Wanted wouldn't be low-key.'

The 24-year-old insists she trusts Tom '110 per cent' and says he would never cheat on her with anyone, let alone a celebrity, because they share the same fun-loving outlook on life.

She said: 'He may be a pop star who travels the world, but he could cheat on me in our local supermarket ... and I don't think the lads try and lead him astray. They know Tom has the best of both worlds. I'm supportive of his career and I like to party.'

And it seems the 'Walks Like Rihanna' hitmaker knows the way to a girl's heart as Kelsey revealed he is constantly spoiling her by buying expensive handbags. She added to new! magazine: 'He treats me very well. He's bought me Mulberry bags.'