When nature calls, many men simply take to the nearest darkened street corner to relieve themselves, but those days may be coming to an end, at least in Hamburg, Germany. 

Like most cities, there are some areas where the nightlife is a bit more rowdy than others, and in Hamburg, that area is the St. Pauli district, famous for its football team and the fact that 20 million people a year pass through its watering holes. 

As you might expect, that leads to a lot of people relieving themselves on the walls and streets around the area, but the residents and businesses have decided that they've had enough. 

The community got together and decided that they would paint the walls with superhydrophobic paint that repels any liquid you throw at it, similar to the type of paint used on the hulls of big ships and tankers. So, the next time a guy goes to try and relieve himself on the nearest wall, he ends up getting peed on himself. 

Some walls are marked with signs that warn potential piss takers of the danger they're putting themselves in, while others are simply coated in the paint and public urination enthusiasts will need to find out for themselves what happens when they take a leak on one. As someone who lives near a street where all sorts of bodily fluids are found on a daily basis strewn across the street like some sort of foul obstacle course, it's well for them. 

Via The Daily Dot.