The terms "nothing is sacred" and "Father Ted" have never had their hands cemented together more firmly than now... It has come to light that one of the finest comedies ever devised by an Irishman is being remade in the US. According to Dark Horizons' Garth Franklin; actor John Michael Higgins ('Best in Show,' 'Fred Claus') has been cast in the lead role of an American remake of "cult British comedy 'Father Ted'." Actor John Michael Higgins said; "The English have a very robust history of being unkind about religion. We don't have that in our country, we're frightened of it. It's basically that you guys are doing an Irish joke also, we don't have that. So I'll be Father Ted, we'll see how it goes." I'm guessing badly, John Michael Higgins, 'cause you CLEARLY haven't a notion of what you're talking about.