Tim Howard played arguably the game of his career against Belgium the other night, and gained a whole bunch of new fans after pulling off some incredible saves, including Chuck Hagel. 

Tim Howard's performance against Belgium not only inspired a whole bunch of American fans, but also a new wave of brilliant memes on Tuesday night after he put in a performance that deserved to see him and his side progress to the next round. However, it wasn't to be, but that didn't stop US fans from updating the Wikipedia page of the Department of Defence to have Tim Howard in as the incumbent secretary. 

Not one to be left out in the cold on the joke, Chuck Hagel (the real Secretary of Defence) decided to give Tim a call and have a chat, letting him know that he'd done a great job, and perhaps he could one day become the real Secretary.



We think Tim could do a pretty god job in the role. First target? Belgium, of course...

Via The Washington Post