Uruguay’s fans have come up with a perfectly logical reason for their team’s loss against Costa Rica in the opening game: the lack of dulce de leche.

A delicious caramel spread that the players and fans alike are huge fans of, dulce de leche is one of the most popular sweet snacks in Uruguay, but it seems that the lads at customs in Brazil are not big fans.

Pic via LaNacion.com.ar

The Brazilian authorities confiscated 39kg of the treat from the Uruguayan team when they arrived due to the fact that it contained milk and they didn't have the necessary documentation for it, according to the BBC. As a result, fans are claiming that this has upset the rhythm of the team and disrupted their preparations for the game against Costa Rica which they lost. We would say that it might have something to do with Suarez not being there, but hey, what do we know? 

If they can get the documentation sorted, they will be allowed to have it back, but if not then they can collect it on their way home, which might be soon enough if they don't win their next game against England. Now, we made it through that whole piece without making a Chewie Suarez joke. Our mother would be proud.